Chris Hannah

Journal: 10 Apr 2019 #

I actually did something before work today. I wrote and published a blog post, all within my commute. It was just me sharing some information about the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, and how you can reserve a username.

At work today I was actually doing some cool stuff. I was doing a bit of web development! I didn’t exactly build Facebook, but the product we need, has a minimal web interface, we have a rough design from our designer, and currently no web developer. So I just got on with it. And I’m all about “vanilla” web development, so as much HTML and CSS as possible. No React, oversized JS libraries, CSS frameworks, SASS, etc. Just the web as it should be. The content marked up in HTML, and that styled with CSS. Nothing else is needed.

Once I got home from work, me and my girlfriend did a bit of tidying in our house. As we’re picking up our cat on Friday, and we still had a few boxes of things in the living room from moving in.

We did eventually eat dinner, and watched another episode of Hanna. It’s coming to an end, which is a shame, as it’s a pretty interesting series.

Right now, I’m waiting for my pasta to cook while I write this entry. Because I’m making myself tuna pasta for lunch tomorrow!