Chris Hannah

Guest Writing #

I like to write, and recently I’ve started doing it even more regularly. One thing I would like to do now is guest writing in other places, such as related blogs, and maybe even newspapers in the future.

I write mainly about apps, app related news, and similar articles over at App Recap, so I have some experience in that field. But I’m also a Computer Science student at London Metropolitan, so I could also offer a different point of view. I’m interested in all forms of technology, and I certainly have a lot of opinions about it.

So if you like my writing, and want to talk about it a bit more then please drop me an email. I’m fully flexible in regards to pretty much anything, I would like to learn more about writing and also getting more content out there!

If it’s only 200 words per fortnight, or even if there’s a specific article that needs to be written, then I’m sure I’m the man!

You can contact me by email or on twitter at @chrishannah.