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2nd August 2019

Craig Mod wrote a great piece recently about the speed of software affects the overall perception of quality.

It’s interesting all the way through, but my favourite paragraph was where he uses a typewriter as an example:

A typewriter is an excellent tool because, even though it’s slow in a relative sense, every aspect of the machine itself operates as quickly as the user can move. It is focused. There are no delays when making a new line or slamming a key into the paper. Yes, you have to put a new sheet of paper into the machine at the end of a page, but that action becomes part of the flow of using the machine, and the accumulation of paper a visual indication of work completed. It is not wasted work. There are no fundamental mechanical delays in using the machine.

I find it all resonated with me quite a lot. I have very little patience, and that is a big factor in choosing what software I use.

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