Chris Hannah


An Apple Watch Jailbreak is Probably the Worst Idea Ever #

Matt Birchler:

9to5Mac has a good breakdown of what this jailbreak entails, but I will reiterate that you should not even think about finding this jailbreak. One, I don’t think that watchOS is really in need of a jailbreak community to push it forward right now, but two, this is an incredibly high risk jailbreak! – BirchTree

I completely agree with all the sentiments here.

Automatic Workout Detection #

If there’s one thing I forget to do, is start a workout when I go out for a walk (I don’t run). But thankfully, watchOS will now detect when you’re starting a workout, and then prompt you to start one.

It appears as a notification on your watch, and from there you can start a workout, without navigating to the app itself. I’ve also seen this appear on my watch (I use the Siri Watch face), but I’m not sure if this is a Siri suggestion based around past behaviour, rather than detecting a workout at that point in time.

You might think that you’d lose some of the data if you waited until the notification appeared, but it also retroactively collects all the workout data, and adds it to the new workout. That’s really an extra step, and makes it such a great addition.

I walk a lot, and I hardly ever start a workout on my watch, either because I’ve forgot, or I just can’t be bothered. I’m hoping this detection is reliable enough to make me never need to start one manually again. But that could just be me being lazy.

It supports 8 types of workouts, and they’re the most common:

Oh, and if you think that isn’t good enough, it also has the same detection for when you’ve ended your workout, and it will prompt you to end it on your watch.

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My Top Picks From WWDC 18 #

After watching the Keynote, I was thoroughly impressed. While there still isn’t a dark mode for iOS, I can imagine it coming soon. And there are a lot of cool things that were announced.

While watching the event, I took a note of the top 4 for each OS, excluding tvOS, because who cares?

So here they are:

iOS 12

watchOS 5

macOS Mojave

I plan on doing some writing about the new features, but in more of an opinionated way, rather than a simple informative guide. You’ll find these with the WWDC 18 tag.