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Decline - 25 Stickers To Help You Say No #

I can’t say I’ve purchased many iMessage Sticker packs since they were added way back in iOS 10, but Timothy Buck let me know about Decline, a sticker pack made in partnership with his wife, Alyssa Guerrero, and it’s pretty great.

With it, comes 25 different ways to say ‘No’.

Decline Stickers

A simple ‘Nah’ or ‘Pass’ may sometimes suffice, but maybe you want to show your disgust with ‘Ugh no’, or the mysterious ‘I must decline for secret reasons’. Either way, they’re pretty funny!

They’re available to purchase on the App Store, and if you want to get physical, you can purchase physical stickers too.

Timothy also shared a video showing the lettering process, so you can see how the individual stickers are made.

Making a Device Your Home #

This article comes from my newsletter, which I have stopped after just 3 issues. It was just an idea that didn’t work out for me personally, as it required a more focussed piece every week. And I realised I prefer the shorter and quicker form of writing, that I do here on Radical Thinker.

So here is the last issue, which is about personalising your devices.

I’m sure you’ll understand that a house is not always a home, as you have to do some level of customisation to make sure it fits with your desires and needs. You add a sense of personality to transform it into a home.

Well I believe that you can apply the same idea into technology, and the devices you use everyday, because they are your “virtual home”.

So why shouldn’t it be comfortable?

The first place everyone starts off with is the wallpaper, it’s a pretty big part of a device, especially when it’s the lock screen and the home screen. But this isn’t true personality, as you’ve still got the same device as everyone else.

The little things that make a difference are cool cases, different coloured covers, putting stickers on your devices, and then there’s even the way you set up and layout your devices.

I’m a big sticker fan myself, and you can see below what it looks like:

It’s not much, but the stickers are things that I like, and it feels mine when I’m holding it. I find it really interesting to see what other people do to their devices as well, I’ve seen some cool creations in the past.

So for the software side of things, using iOS as an example, your app layout and selection of apps can really change the feel of a device as well. I’ve previously been a person who likes to keep things standard, that’s fine I guess, but it’s not fun.

Don’t be afraid to move SnapChat into your Dock, delete Mail from your iPhone, or even set cat noises as your ringtone.

I think if you have a laptop, tablet, and sometimes even a phone, don’t hesitate to personalise it. It is yours after all.

I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, and also see any of your customised devices!

P.S. Just because I don’t write for the newsletter, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing these types of articles. I’ll just post them here instead!

Relay FM Sticker Pack #

As many of you will already know, Relay FM is home to a whole bunch of awesome podcasts, and people!

So it only makes sense that they bring some of the humour, artwork, and personality to your devices via iMessage Stickers!

When considering the next update to our app, we didn’t have to look any further than Myke’s sticker-covered laptop and iPads.

You can now cover your iMessage conversations with artwork inspired by your favourite Relay FM podcasts. Bringing jokes from the shows into your conversations is easy as a tap and drag on your iPhone or iPad. – Relay FM Extras

So in the latest version of their app, you get 40 stickers, which includes things like #mykewasright, and the Viticci Seal of Quality. Some of them have cool animations as well!

So if you already have the Relay FM app, the stickers will be in your Messages app already, otherwise download it from the App Store for free!

P.S. More Relay FM Sticker Packs are also on their way!

Pixels Sticker Pack #

For all of you pixel loving people, I’ve created a sticker pack just for you!

Starting with over 30 different stickers, and a little animation thrown in as well, there’s bound to be ones you’ll enjoy. Not to mention that this is the initial amount, and I very much plan on adding loads more to this collection.

You can get Pixels from the App Store, and I hope you have fun sending these cool stickers to your friends!

If you have any queries, or even sticker requests, then you can contact my on twitter or by email.