Chris Hannah

Pokemon GO

New Research Features Coming to Pokémon GO #

Straight from the Pokémon GO blog:

New objectives lead to exciting rewards and perhaps a Mythical encounter in the latest Pokémon GO update.

A somewhat of a surprising (at least to me) update for Pokémon GO has been announced. It’s based around research, and it will add a whole new layer to the game.

All Pokémon Masters will already know about Pokémon research, and how prevalent it is in the games and television shows. But if you don’t, then ask yourself what Professor Oak was up to.

The update will bring two types of research, Field Research and Special Research.

With Field Research being the more regular of the two activities, which will result in rewards, and occasionally a stamp. Which is essentially an achievement. After you collect seven of these, you will achieve a “Research Breakthrough”, which may lead to encounters with legendary Pokémon.

The Special Research is story-based, and will be completed via Professor Willow. This is what I’m more interested in. The current story looks like it’s based around Mew, and the and mysteries behind it. I’m guessing this will be spread out over time, and will maybe mean people will start playing more regularly.

I just hope this leads to the ability to catch Mew.

We’ll just have to see, when the update launches on the 30th March.

Pokémon GO Becomes One with Nature #

From the Pokémon Company:

Don’t miss the epic new Pokémon GO trailer created in the style of a nature documentary, featuring Pokémon that have recently begun appearing near you in Pokémon GO.


The video is narrated by iconic actor and comedian Stephen Fry, with his dulcet tones complemented by an original symphonic score by legendary composer George Fenton.

This could quite possibly be one of the best game trailers ever.

Watch on YouTube.

Read the full announcement.

More Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon GO! #

Later this week, there is an update to Pokemon GO that will bring over 80 new Pokemon to catch!


The new Pokemon will be Gen 2, so from the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. You will be able to catch the three starters, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, along with loads more!


When you face a Pokemon in the wild, they will also react in a new way, there are no specifics yet though, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. While in an encounter, there will also be a simpler way to select and use items.


From PokeStops, you’ll now be able to find berries. These can have various different effects, such as a Nanab Berry will slow a Pokemon’s movements, making it easier to catch, or a Pinap Berry which will double the amount of Candy you’ll receive if you catch the Pokemon on the next attempt.


There’s also a few more pieces of apparel that you can use to customise your avatar, so it will be a bit less generic.

It’s not a huge update, but it’s good to see that Pokemon GO is still moving forward. I’m still waiting for a battle system, where players will be able to battle each other, but I can only hope. For now, we’ll have to settle with trying to catch them all!

If you haven’t already, download Pokemon GO from the App Store.