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I ended up writing a 9-tweet thread on Twitter, which should probably become a blog post. So here is a simple concatenation of the tweets. Bear in mind that I didn’t make any alterations, so it may not flow perfectly well.

The context is that the hashtag #OnlyFemalesGetCervicalCancer was trending on Twitter. I have no idea who started it, or how it became so popular. But I was aggravated by some of the discussion around it. So I thought I’d write a few tweets.

And as tweets, they could be badly written, not thought out, misinterpreted, and not everyone will agree with them. My intention is never to write with the intention of causing an argument, but I also never write to please others. I, like others, have thoughts and opinions. They aren’t as important to everyone else as they are to me, and others will no doubt have different ones. My opinions also change over time, which means that everything I tweeted about may not be my opinion in the future.

However, it is what I tweeted today.

It’s pretty weird to see something like #OnlyFemalesGetCervicalCancer trending on Twitter (I’m aware that this tweet will only help that). But what’s weirder is the discussion that goes with it.

It’s completely obvious that only females get cervical cancer, seeing as they’re the only people that have a cervix. But clearly the people tweeting about it, assume its just a transphobic comment regarding the female gender. Rather that basic biology.

One thing I’ve learned recently is that the social construct that is gender, really has no importance to me. If it makes people feel better to identify as a specific gender, then what can say against that? I just don’t have any interest in it.

Although there are probably people that use that hashtag, for the sole intention of causing an argument. Because it doesn’t specify sex or gender, it could technically mean either. But seeing as the statement is true if it’s referring to sex, then that’s what I’m taking it as.

Because in the opposite scenario, all the typical arguments come up, such as “are you saying trans men/women aren’t real men/women?”. That’s also a misleading question. Because by matter of trans people existing, that makes them real.

But “real” can mean multiple things. To some it may mean being accepted by society. Some people use it to argue if trans exist at all. And others think of it as referring to sex. For example a trans man is of the female sex. That, however, doesn’t make them not real.

The distinction between sex and gender is where most of the arguments seem to come from. Because not everyone was taught they were different. I for one was brought up with them being synonyms. Maybe that was society as a whole, or just my environment, who knows.

I honestly don’t have too much of an opinion on gender. And it wouldn’t matter if I did or didn’t. I’m more interested in the discussion around it, and the often illogical arguments (from all sides).

My opinion can be simplified to this:

I’m not interested/bothered what people identify as, that’s none of my business. It bothers me when people act as if everyone should be interested. I also think it’s starting to become so abstract that it’s starting to lose its meaning.

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